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SANARAE shared Love with local community
December 03, 2014



Members of SANARAE, a volunteer group in STX O&S, delivered Kimchi and rice to the underprivileged in a local community at the end of the year. SANARAE made kimchi with a community welfare center in Jinhae and gave it to 400 households of national basic livelihood act recipients and near poverty groups on December 3, 2014.


SANARAE delivered 1,200 kg of rice to 60 households of elderly people who live alone, one-parent families, and grandparents-grandchildren families on December 13, 2014. The members personally delivered rice to 5 households in Jinhae and looked around carefully if they needed more help.

Volunteering to make kimchi for winter, Assistant Manager Moon Suk-Young, Assistant Manager in Assembly Team 2 told that not only was doing voluntary service rewarding but he felt fellowship different from working in the office and it was a meaningful year-end party than ever.

Furthermore, SANARAE made an agreement with the subcontractors` council to support the underprivileged on December 31, 2014. The subcontractors` council decided to donate 3 million won a year to poor neighbors in Jinhae through SANARAE. The subcontractors` council, which has been interested in on SANARAE’s activities, requested to make the agreement to serve the local community through many voluntary services together with SANARAE.

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