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STX O&S signed a R&D Agreement with BV
September 22, 2014



On September 22, STX O&S entered into the Development Agreement with BV(Bureau Veritas, Global ship classification which verifies ship performances through Testing, Inspection, and Certification services.) to undertake the JDP(Joint Development Project) for researching and developing a standard ship of 110K Aframax Tanker which CSR-H(Harmonized Common Structural Rules) is applied.


This signing event was held at the STX R&D Center, participated in by both interested parties. And authorized signatories were Senior Vice President Kim Young–Pyo in Shipbuilding & Offshore Design Division from STX O&S and Christophe Chauviere, Head of Development Department from BV head office.

The joint R&D project will be launched on October 2014 and run for 5 months. The ultimate goal of this project is to raise the competitiveness in Aframax Tanker market by developing the standard ship which follows CSR-H rules (For ships contracted on or after July 1, 2015) containing a provision for improving structural stability.

It is expected that the Joint R&D project enables STX O&S to respond to newly issued rules of classification and to be equipped with enhanced engineering skills and to make it possible to be in an advantageous position in the market. Shipbuilding & Offshore Design Division in STX O&S has a plan to develop the standard ship through such partnerships with major classifications consistently.

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