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STX O&S and DNV-GL reached an agreement to work together on a Joint Development Project
October 28, 2014

On October 28, STX O&S met with DNV-GL Classification Society in STX R&D Center, and in the presence of Chief Sales Manager Shin Myung-Seob in DNV-GL, Senior Vice President Koh Myung-Seob in Project Planning division and others, reached an agreement to work together on a Joint Development Project (“JDP”) for 84,000 CBM Multipurpose Gas (LNG, ethane, LPG) Carrier (Mark-III).

Through this JDP, STX O&S plans to respond to growing market for gas carriers by developing various multifunctional gas carriers (such as LNG, Ethane, LPG) with DNV-GL as a bridgehead to entering the market to meet future demand, especially since ethane carriers are such hot issue right now attracting so much attention in the market.

Multi-Purpose Gas(LNG, ethane, LPG) carrier for existing Membrane Type Joint Development with DNV-GL Classification Society was mainly developed solely for LNG only. However, with the Shale gas entering the market, a new future trend in Gas carriers will be reflected that enables ships to carry other types of resources such as ethane or LPG.

The Joint Development period will start from November this year and end around half a year later in the end of April next year, and during the development period, GTT from France will be involved in a joint effort to undergo a verification process for cargo holds required for transporting and storing specific cargos and various equipment that goes in the ship.

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