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STX O&S successfully entered LNG bunkering vessel Market
December 05, 2014



STX O&S made a contract for an LNG bunkering vessel with Shell, global group of energy and petrochemicals companies. Shell is to build an LNG bunkering vessel to serve the new breed of gas-fuelled ships in north-west Europe.

STX O&S will build the 6,500-CBM ship. The vessel will be pioneering in design and will be highly efficient and maneuverable. Featuring an innovative transfer system by special loading arm and sub cooling unit to keep LNG at sub atmospheric pressure, it will be able to load from big or small terminals and able to bunker a wide variety of customer vessels.

The tanker will be based in Rotterdam, Netherlands and will load from the new LNG terminal to be constructed by Gas Access to Europe (Gate). It will be seagoing and able to supply clients in other locations as well, however. “Demand for LNG as a fuel in the shipping industry is increasing, due to emissions reduction requirements scheduled to come into force in January 2015,” Shell said.

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