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STX O&S won a contract for six 73,500 DWT class LR1 tankers
December 05, 2014


STX O&S recently made a contract for six 73,500 DWT class LR1 tankers, including four options with Pleiades Shipping Agents S.A, a Greek shipping company. The total contract price is $276.6 million and it is $46.1 million per vessel.


Pleiades had made a contract for three MR tankers with STX O&S in 2012 and they were successfully delivered in 2013. Because Pleiades has a firm belief in the quality of shipbuilding based on the vessels delivered by STX O&S, they have exclusively negotiated about the contract for LR1 tankers with STX O&S.


According to Pleiades’ requests, ecofriendly hull design technology was applied to the post Panamax LR1 tankers with a width of 38m which is adequate for efficient navigation through the Panama Canal to be extended 2016.

STX O&S entered into a contract for eight LR1 tankers with Navig8 last February and is negotiating about contracts for LR1 tankers with other shipping companies now. STX O&S has improved cost competitiveness and expertise in post Panamax LR1 tankers through business restructuring so far.

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