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Four Ships of STX O&S were awarded as the Best Ships in the World in 2014
January 12, 2015




Ships which STX O&S built last year were selected as the best ships by a professional journal. ‘Significant Ships’ published by ‘'The Royal Institution of Naval Architect' which has the supreme authority in Naval Architect selected four ships of STX O&S as the best ships. This journal is a professional journal in the field of shipbuilding and shipping and it selects the best ships at the end of every year.

‘Significant Ships’ awarded LNG Carrier ‘Velikiy Novgorod’, Con-RoRo ‘Jolly Titanio’, LPG Carrier ‘Atlantic Gas’, and LEG Carrier ‘Happy Albatross’ as the best ships in 2014. ‘Velikiy Novgorod’ which STX O&S obtained an order from Sovcomflot is 170K CBM LNG Carrier whose dimensions are 299.9m in length, 45.8m in breadth, and 26m in height.‘Jolly Titanio’ ordered by Ignazio Messina is 45K DWT Con-RoRo and the dimensions of the ship are as follows: length 240m; breadth 37.5m; height 19.95m. Especially CPP (Control Pitch Propeller) is applied to the ship so its steering ability is excellent. ‘Atlantic Gas’ which STX O&S obtained an order from Ultragas is 22K CBM LPG Carrier whose dimensions are 159.83m in length, 26.6m in breadth, and 17.4m in height.

‘Happy Albatross’ ordered by Unigas pool is 12K CBM LEG Carrier and the dimensions of the ship are as follows: length 146.2m; breadth 22.6m; height 12.1m. STX O&S expects to obtain more orders and lead the mid-size gas carrier market by the selection of 22K CBM LPG Carrier and 12K CBM LEG Carrier as the best ships.

The person concerned told that "the selection by a professional journal in the world proves shipbuilding capacity and technology of STX O&S, and we will more actively obtain orders with differentiated technology and efficient production system from now on."

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