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The 42nd Anniversary of Commerce and Industry Day
March 18, 2015



An award ceremony was held in March. 18th, marking the 42nd Anniversary of Commerce and Industry Day, which was attended by the Prime Minister, MTIE Minister, and one thousand foreign and domestic businessmen. On this day, two general managers of STX O&S were honored to be awarded prize.


General Manager Jung Moon-Sup in Containment Team received the citation from The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. He is truly an expert who has been involved in the shipbuilding industry for 24 years, contributing to improve company's productivity through various activities such as applying new welding method, developing automatic equipment, and participating in welding education.


Another winner, General Manager Lee Gyu-Jea in Hull Outfitting Design Team was also awarded a citation from the chairmen of The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI). His 30 year effort toward Korean shipbuilding industry was remarkable. For instance, he improved quality of accommodation sector by developing a prestigious design called INOVELLA and obtained patent for it. Not only that, he achieved building techs for high value-added vessels through the development in green technology.

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