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STX O&S carried out various community service activities
March 28, 2015





STX O&S carried out various community service activities in an effort to help those in need in the local area as spring awakening ceremony. This year’s events were even more meaningful as it was done voluntarily by the staff members.


Firstly, STX O&S staff donated books for a small library in a village near the shipyard. ‘Bobae Library’ which was established by community centre, and run solely with the help of volunteers, faced difficulties in book supply and maintaining operations. Our staff donated around 120 books, including some new books bought and some books their kids used to read. The library appreciated the donation and asked for consistent care and attention in the future.


Twenty people of STX O&S also participated in wall painting activity with Kyungnam’s professional wall painting volunteer group ‘sky wall painting volunteers’. This event was organized with the request from the local police and STX O&S participants was allocated a house to make over and successfully completed coloring and wall painting of the house. Kim Keun-Soo in Hull Production Design Team participated in the event and stated that he was ‘happy to deliver the warmth of Spring through freshly painting the ragged wall of a worn-out house nicely’.


On the last weekend of March, staff and their families of STX O&S made delicious bread to share with neighbors in need. All participants made the bread for 4 hours with a smile on their face, they made around 200 bread in hot weather, but they were glad to put in the effort for the struggling neighbors. All the breads made was sent to Korean Red Cross, Shalom Youth Centre, and Jinhae Rehabilitation Centre to be served as a delicious meal.


STX O&S plans to undertake various community service work every quarter, where employees can actively volunteer in the activity. Any inspectors or class inspectors who wish to participate can contact the Ocean spirit and we will send you the information on the available events planned in the future.

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